iPhone 8: Futuristic Phone With Endless Possibilities

iphone 8 image

“iPhone” the name that you would utter if somebody asks which phone you might want to have, isn’t it? Yeah !! iPhone is known as Interactive Phone which is a brand of Apple Inc. When we refer to iPhone, innovations & anticipation tickle into a never ending thought. If it’s regarding the iPhone 8 that is expected to be released after iPhone 7, all the barriers of imaginations gets broken. Therefore, our technical assumptions from iPhone that is World’s prominent mobile device increases. We’ve done lots of analysis on Apple’s upcoming masterpiece iPhone 8. Connecting some aspects we can anticipate what Apple is attempting to place in its future device i.e iPhone 8. Before moving ahead lets have a brief glance at the short but magnificent history of iPhone.

Brief History of iPhone

Apple launched the first iPhone(1st generation) back in June 29, 2007 which was released by Steve Jobs who was CEO of Apple iPhone at that time. When Apple initially launched the iPhone, it was sold particularly with AT&T network carrier with contracts in the United States. Gradually, iPhones were partnered with other service providers like Verizon, Sprint, C Spire Wireless, Virgin Mobile, T-mobile, Vodafone, Orange and many more. Since 2007, Apple has produced lots of alluring and exceptional devices in the world.

iPhone 6s Plus has entered the market now and iPhone fans are already going insane regarding the 6th generation iPhone. They have already began guessing about the functions of the 8th generation iPhone i.e. iPhone 8. which facilitate us to figure out what’s going to happen once the more advanced iPhone 8 gets released. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the advanced features that we might get to see in iPhone 8 are:-

Wireless Charger, More Inbuilt Storage Capacity, Wraparound Display, OLED Screen, Hands Free Unlock, Lightning Port Instead of Headphone Jack, Water Resistant Display, Camera with dual sensors and many surprising elements. If you are taking these informations as an iPhone 8 rumors, you are completely wrong. We better can label it as credible Features of iPhone 8.