Each year Apple launches new iPhone devices and new options come up with remarkably stunning and attention grasping things to meet. Right now we are talking about the iPhone 8, Folks! It’s Apple and it has consistently come up with some mind blowing features that will build the Apple iPhone 8 pretty much dominating over other smartphones. So, here are the striking features that you could see in iPhone 8.

Wireless Charger

wireless charger

Technology has made vast improvement within the past 20 years and even wireless chargers have been built. Therefore, we can’t think about carrying those wires with us everywhere. Therefore, in the upcoming iPhone 8 we will get to see chargers which is powered by solar batteries whereby charging the would much more easier as well as environment friendly.

More Inbuilt Storage Capacity

The iPhone 8 will be equipped with at least 128GB inbuilt storage capacity along with the option to expand the storage via SD card.

Hands Free Unlock

Retina tracking sensors will be the latest technology that’s already out there in a number of the flagship smartphones. iPhone lovers would positively prefer to expertise this hands free method of unlocking the device and expect it to be integrated in iPhone 8.

Water Resistant Display

Apple is designing iPhone 8 with a special water repellent coating to protect the device from water and it will be it will be silicon coating which will cover the display.

iphone 8 water resistant display

Camera with dual sensors

Apple is going to introduce dual sensor technology in camera which will enable crystal clear picture so that you users can snap images even if you are in motion.dual sensors

Other Feature

Well, in iPhone 8 you would get FindMyPhone App feature. This inbuilt application will help users in such a way that, even if your costly iPhone is stolen, it wont of any use to the thieves. So you can rest assured that the confidential data saved in the device can’t be used under any situation.