iPhone 7 plus vs Note 7

All over the news the word 7 is going on…. well they all are talking about the Apple iPhone 7 plus and its true competitor Samsung Galaxy Note 7. With outstanding features and amazing looks both the smartphone have established their foot for the upcoming years. Compression of these phone doesn’t mean that one is 100% OK and other is not. As both the phone have different OS and few new features which make each of them totally different from each other. Let’s take a look which phone is worth to buy or which only is worth to see. The clashes between two model iPhone 7 plus vs Note 7 make you clear that what these phone got. And why should you buy any of it???


iPhone 7 plus vs Note 7As Samsung Galaxy Note 7 been borrows much of its design and looks from the market-hit Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Note 7 presents an unprecedented brightness Samsung, finely tuned set of features that can not be easily replicated. By contrast, the iPhone 7 is very similar to the iPhone 6S last year. There are 7 differences with the iPhone, but slightly. There antenna design, which partially corrects one of the ugliest aspects of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Samsung and Apple have both emphasized the experience of high quality camera systems more accurate and faster exterior design that improves brand awareness fingerprints. When traveling Notes 7 and 7 iPhone Plus, the differences become much clearer. iPhone 7 matte black textured surface provides a low adhesion strength, while the rear glass Samsung suggested that firmly grip the sides to prevent slippage. Galaxy Note 7 – is to use the same configuration Super AMOLED critically acclaimed. This time has a resolution QHD for clarity combined with a Super AMOLED usual high quality contrast, color and brightness. Retina IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels FHD and looks very very sharp. Apple has also improved the brightness by 25% and implemented a wide range of new colors to improve visual quality.

KEY FEATURE OF THE TWO BEAST  Apple iPhone 7 plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7

iPhone 7 plus vs Note 7


iPhone 7 plus vs Note 7Comparing iOS and Android is not a good idea, these are different platform with different features. However on looking to the performance side of both the model we got lot more interesting fact. Galaxy Note: without S Pen is not complete, Samsung has improved sensitivity to pressure and made some minor ergonomic changes. Whether you are based in the pen every day and I think there is, or pull it once to confirm that you are never reused, and that’s fine. iPhone 7 Plus, this experience is not completely mimic the touch of a button. Do you feel a click all the way through the body of the phone, which is a bit confusing for the first day or two that use it. Performance Touch ID, which is still one of the best experiences fingerprint scanner available today. Galaxy Note 7 running on existing company Exynos 8990 chipset OCTU, as we know it with this product wise performance of its real workhorse chip, battery and is quite nice too. The same silicon runs within the Galaxy S7. iPhone 7 is the fastest phone today. Download applications from the App Store is happening in the blink of an eye, and the opening of these applications has never been faster. Samsung start button, tap means I can put my hand in my pocket and have the camera application loaded before I am even ready to align the shot I want to take. iPhone has debuted fusion chip next generation of Apple A10, and looks like a nice animal. Samsung start button, tap means I can put my hand in my pocket and have the camera application loaded before I am even ready to align the shot I want to take. virtual reality platform that is only activated when the phone is connected to a Samsung Gear VR, but not all users can be at the same level of respect.


iPhone 7 plus vs Note 7All the focus are now the camera quality for both these phone. The main clashes between iPhone 7 plus vs Note 7 is about the camera quality. For several years, Apple has made the best cameras around smart phones. It remains one of the best, and this is likely to remain the easiest to use and more consistent. but the last two years, Samsung and others raised in a truly meaningful way. Apple promoted the interview with the addition of a second sensor and lens iPhone 7 Plus, which offers a 2x optical zoom. The same unit 12 megapixels with phase detection, dual pixels, OIS, lens f / 1.7 sensor 1 / 2.6 inch, which is almost similar to the S7 edge. Both phones to capture a lot of detail and fantastic colors, but Apple also draw images on the same screen wide range of colors ICD-P3 as the iPhone 7 Plus, which means that the colors are true to reality. iPhone 7 Plus has a 12MP camera dual sensor with one that includes telephoto lens and a second set of wide-angle special lens has produced a 6-element, 5 lens elements, tailored to the video signal processor, f / 1.8 aperture, the module optical image stabilization (OIS) and Quad flash LED graphic screen flicker.

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