The waiting time is now over, it is confirmed that on September 2016 the iPhone 7 is gonna launched. The long wait for the iPhone is now seem to over. Well what it will hold inside it still a secret, but some rumors say that there is slight difference on iPhone 7 comparing to the previous iPhone 6. There is also rumors that it have 3D Touch technology. But what will it come with for that you have to wait till the iPhone 7 don’t get onto your hand.

Like every iPhone Plus variant and S variant, you will get to see something new something unexpected on iPhone7. TheApple-iPhone-7-Price next gen phone will be in three part 64GB / 128GB/ 254GB. As with the same to the “S” or “Plus” variants. Some rumors suggest Apple iPhone7 aims to 1 mm thinner, perhaps by removing the headphone jack of 3.5 mm and implementing finer Lightning port, but other rumors suggest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus they have a body, such as the iPhone 6c thickness. There are many rumors that the iPhone 7 will have an updated camera – but it can only be applied to the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus is, rather than the 4.7-inch iPhone 7. The rumor indicate that the iPhone will get the biggest camera with two lenses will be able to take a picture quality DSLR-and 3D-images. Instead, Apple could add some pressure sensitivity on the start button, which means that it will perform a variety of functions depending on the pulse strength. internal specifications for the iPhone 7 is not yet known, but we can assume that the company Apple’s, to continue on the path of introduction of the most powerful and effective with all new devices design iteration.

iPhone7There are some signs that the iPhone 7 will be waterproof. Apple’s, improved water resistance of its devices in recent years, but has not yet published a completely waterproof phone. Earlier not rumors suggested that the new phone will no longer come in the 16GB model – but the highest range of the iPhone is now offering 256 GB of disk space. Finally, it was leaked a few photos that could show blue iPhone in July, suggesting that Apple’s, may be considering various options for color. In addition, it is expected to offer faster charging technology – this means your phone will receive a few hours of battery life is only a few minutes of charging. Along with the iPhone 7 expected that Apple will introduce Apple 2 hours, and possibly a mini 5 IPad and IPad 2 Pro.